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July 26, 2003

Posted by Michael at 11:17 PM
OUR RATING: (O.K.) 3 out of 5 score.

The movie version of Seabiscuit was definitely not what I was expecting. I had imagined a much more drab and somewhat slow storyline that would not hold my attention. I was wrong about that. The film did lag on a few aspects, mainly character development, in my opinion. Perhaps the problem was the time limitations posed by creating a movie out of a book, especially a true story. Taking that into account raises the score to 4/5.

The story of Seabiscuit is an amazing one and I am especially happy to have been introduced to it. Having never heard of Seabiscuit, the only time I had actually heard the name or anything about the existence of the story itself was from the fascination and appreciation of the book by Meg Hourihan (megnut.com) -- she even went so far as to ask visitors to hook her up with tickets to the film's premiere. A copy of the
Seabiscuit book
will appear in my bookshelf in short order.

3 comments for Seabiscuit    (scroll down to post a comment)
       Michael wrote:

Something you probably haven't heard:

"Seabiscuit was a grandson of War Admiral's father, the legendary thoroughbred Man o' War."

That's from a 1937 or something New Yorker article. Interesting to note, if you have seen the movie. Or even if you haven't, that piece of information might have made the movie all that much more interesting.

       - Michael on July 31, 2003 08:25 AM
       alex wrote:

agree with the lagging character development; yet I'd rate a 4/5 film. Being a PK in the virtual realms of video games, I couldn’t help but notice the underlining plot of PK'n people. The slow-mo shots of the horses and jockeys breathing and murmuring "I'll get you", on top of the Duel contest? Damn… PK'n was all about Dueling. $100k biotch.

This film had a hidden element that influenced my murdering nature. I give it 4/5.

       - alex on July 28, 2003 02:44 PM
       Michael wrote:

Alright, Alexander Horre ( http://alex.viewsquare.com/ ) is giving me a hard time about basically listing TWO ratings for Seabiscuit. Let me clear that up.

Basically, the OFFICIAL score for this movie is 3 out of 5. But, it definitely had the means to be a 4 out of 5 if more time was given to the actual film. Unfortunately, most movies are never more than 2.5 hours long -- so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt and saying it WOULD be a 4 out of 5 rating if it were shown full length.

Perhaps if the DVD version shows extended footage, it will realize this as an official score as a DVD. We'll see. If anyone else has something to say, use the comment area here -- that's what it is for. I think. ^^

       - Michael on July 28, 2003 02:38 PM

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