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March 08, 2004

Posted by Michael at 10:58 PM | Comments (0) | Entry Link
OUR RATING: (Great) 4 out of 5 score.
Kill Bill: Volume 1

This movie was just awesome. Unfortunately, since it is broken up into two seperate volumes, I do not think Volume 1 stands alone as a Best of the Best film. Such an honor is reserved for truely remarkable films. Those that stand on their own and stand up to the test of time.

Everyone is looking forward to Kill Bill Volume 2, perhaps an extended review of the plot and characters to follow that release. A must-have for any DVD collection. I'll buy it when they release it as a Two-Volume Special Edition set.

Posted by Michael at 10:29 PM | Comments (0) | Entry Link
OUR RATING: (Great) 4 out of 5 score.
Once Upon a Time in Mexico

This movie had a lot of style and a decent plot. Johnny Depp successfully takes over the screen with an over-the-top and often comical character.

The amazon.com link brings you to a special-combo DVD set that includes this film as well as Desperado -- which ties into this plotline. It is in my wishlist, too. Great for any DVD collection. Don't miss out on this one.

July 18, 2003

Posted by Michael at 09:40 PM | Comments (1) | Entry Link
OUR RATING: (Great) 4 out of 5 score.
Bad Boys II

Alright, this movie wasn't destined to hit a score of "Great" -- but, somehow, it pulled it off. Between the action, great use of very subtle CGI, and the same type of humor that made the first Bad Boys' movie fun, this film more than likely entertained everyone in the theater -- including us. It is your basic cop-movie with high speed chase and a lot of guns. It also throws a bit of guerilla warfare - "Tears of the Sun" flava - in there, too.

The film pic links to the soundtrack for the movie itself, which is probably filled with all your favorite Snoop Dogg and Fumbly rap songs. Even thought it was a fun film for the theater, this film is not destined for my personal DVD collection. My apologies to the Fresh Prince and Martin. Sorry homies.

July 11, 2003

Posted by Michael at 11:09 PM | Comments (0) | Entry Link
OUR RATING: (Great) 4 out of 5 score.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was, really, well, um ... decent. We watched this film on the first night of release in the theater. I must say it is a rather good adaptation of a graphic novel / comic book done by Alan Moore. The amazon.com link for this movie review will lead you to Volume #1 of this comic series. Unlike movies like Daredevil and even X-Men, I felt this movie succeeded in being a film all its own -- not just a repeat & rinse of a comic title. You witness a lot of action and nice effects, throughout the film, as well. None of the scenes would painfully linger on and on, unlike another recent film!

The ending sort of smacked of an upcoming sequel. I hate that. Although, what comic-based film does not attempt to lead itself into a second release? Not sure if I'd pick up this movie on DVD (even if it is difficult to resist buying, since Peta Wilson is in it...). I personally added the comic itself to my amazon.com wish list. So that says something good about the movie.

June 24, 2003

Posted by Michael at 12:44 AM | Comments (2) | Entry Link
OUR RATING: (Great) 4 out of 5 score.

Chris Teeters picked up the SuperBit Edition of XXX on DVD and we watched it on his new DLP Projector / DTS Sound setup. Perhaps that is what caused me to rate it 4 out of 5. On the other hand, it is also a decent action movie and is much more fast-paced and bad-ass than James Bond flicks. It is also rare for a movie to hold attention for more than one viewing.

SuperBit is definately better, but once you start getting into the movie you might hardly notice a difference.

May 06, 2003

Posted by Michael at 02:55 PM | Comments (0) | Entry Link
OUR RATING: (Great) 4 out of 5 score.

What a great movie, it can be somewhat repetitive at times, but that is the key to it 'eh.

More in-depth review later, perhaps.

May 02, 2003

Posted by Michael at 02:59 PM | Comments (0) | Entry Link
OUR RATING: (Great) 4 out of 5 score.

Morgan Freeman owns in this movie, Brad Pitt gets rocked and cries. The plot, depth, and sheer disgust factor make this a great part of our DVD collection.

Brad shouldn't have opened the cardboard box!

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